The Best Balayage in London

Notice Salon in Shoreditch East London is one of the best Balayage London salons. Our team is experienced in hair colouring, including freehand Balayage, Foilayage, and root melt techniques. We have you covered for all your colouring needs.

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a French word meaning “to sweep or paint.” It’s a free-hand hair colouring technique that creates a natural look with no harsh sections or noticeable regrowth lines. At Notice Salon, our Balayage uses the Foilayage technique, which involves highlighting with foils placed strategically on the top of the head and around the face.

For our clients who seek a more natural hair colour, sun-kissed look. This technique is all about a more grown-out and ‘undone’ look and is far more low maintenance than regular highlights. Balayage can also be applied to all lengths of hair from long to short hair. It’s a completely bespoke and versatile technique of hair colouring allowing it to be suitable for everyone. 

Balayage hair salon London

Our team at Notice Salon specialises in the best Balayage Techniques, ensuring the best results for all hair types, from blonde to brunette. We also offer Olaplex treatment to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Book your free consultation today.

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