Hairstylist Shoreditch

Dare to be different and unique and try Danilo’s Notice Salon when looking for a hairstylist in Shoreditch

If you’re someone who takes great pride in their appearance, then it’s most likely that you also take great pride in your hair. The way you present your hair can say a lot about you, your style and your personality, so it’s important to find a hairstyle that suits you. Whether you picture it to be short, long or somewhere in the middle; or imagine it to be blonde, brunette or something wild and bold, Danilo’s Notice Salon is the place to go.

For a friendly, professional and affordable service, choose Danilo

By choosing Notice Salon, you’re choosing someone who is experience, versatile, professional and above all else- incredibly talented. Specialising in curly and thick hair, Danilo can work with just about any hair type and work with you to find a suitable hairstyle.

You’ll find Danilo’s Notice Salon to be warm, welcoming and friendly- giving you a place to relax, unwind and treat yourself to something you deserve. To speak to Danilo about booking an appointment with him, fill out the contact form and he’ll get right back to you!

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